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Priyanka Chopra: Nothing should be mandatory..

Priyanka Chopra

Mumbai, Sept. 11 -- Recently five men were arrest in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala for refusing to stand while the National Anthem was being played in a cinema hall. We ask Priyanka Chopra for her views on the controversy surrounding the same, and other topics like tax-free films.

Recently, a few youngsters in Kerela got arrested for not standing while the National Anthem was being played in a theatre. Do you think this is enforced patriotism?

I don't know if I have a take on it, because for me, whenever the National Anthem plays, I stand up. I don't think anything should be made mandatory, but when it's the National Anthem, I think it's a good way of encouraging patriotism.

Movies are ultimately money-making commodities. So, when certain commercial movies, such as yours, can be made tax-free, don't you think independent cinema also deserves the same?

I think it's a judgment call that the government takes, based on which films they think are good, so that they have a larger reach. When I spoke to people after my film was made tax-free in a few states, they informed me that a film is made tax-free when it is of positive interest to the audience and has a positive impact overall.

You recently wrote a good luck note to Arjun Kapoor. Do you think Bollywood is becoming a friendlier place ?

I sent one to the whole team of Finding Fanny, not just Arjun. As far as competition is concerned, I have no idea. I'm so consumed with my own career that I don't have the time to think about other people's careers. I don't know about Bollywood, and I think it's a very general statement anyway. Competition, I believe, is good. You should always try and better yourself. But I've always been of the belief that if you compete with yourself, you will become so good and so much better at your job that there will be no need to compete with anyone else.

Parineeti (Chopra) has expressed her desire to sing. Many other actors are doing it now.

Everybody in our family sings (laughs). I'm really glad, because when I started, all were like, 'Oh! What is she doing?' 'She's singing?' Everyone had so many questions, but it's nice to see many actors doing it now. I think anyone can sing, honestly. It's like going to the gym to develop muscles. Singing is a discipline, and your vocal cords are muscles, (so) if you train them, you will be able to sing well. Nobody is born a singer. Some people, however, are gifted with incredible tone.

Many siblings in Bollywood are collaborating on projects. Will you and Parineeti come together soon?

I hope so. It's happened to us before... there have been a few projects that have come our way, but nothing that would make us want to do it. If we do a film together, it will have to be amazing.