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Priyanka Chopra: My advice to youngsters is nothing is a do-or-die situation

Priyanka Chopra


Priyanka Chopra visited the Pink City to promote her next film Mary Kom, a biopic on the renowned Indian boxer Mary Kom from Manipur.

PeeCee, as she is popularly known as, is very fond of Jaipur and it's the traditional Rajasthani food that gets her fingers licking. "I love the Pink City and the food you get here. I just cannot have enough of gatte ki sabjee. Besides, I am also in love with the rich culture of this place and always is in a lookout to find excuses to come here," she avers.

Chopra was in all praise for the biopic, which she thinks will inspire the youth to take up challenges in life and shine through difficult times. "Mary Kom is a story of a woman who has seen tough times and yet emerged a winner. Mary Kom, the boxer, has been through so many struggles and it was through her tremendous spirit coupled with an urge to live life with dignity that she became a world champion. The story is truly motivational and inspiring," Chopra said.

Debutant director Omang Kumar, who accompanied Priyanka, was all praises for his leading actor. "When I decided to make the film on Mary Kom, the only actor I could think of was Priyanka Chopra. And she has done an excellent job in the movie. She is thoroughly dedicated and hard working. In fact, when I suggested that the fight scenes should be shot involving real boxing players, she readily agreed to it without any hiccups."
Kumar added that while it was difficult to teach an actor how to play a sport, it was even more difficult to teach a sportsperson how to act. "The real boxers took it as a game, owing to which Priyanka had bruises on her body, but she like a champ flaunted those around as if she was wearing a medal."

Coming from a non-filmi background, Priyanka has a piece of advice for those who dream about making it big in Bollywood, "My advice to the youngsters out there is that don't think of anything as a do-or-die situation. The world is your oyster and you can do anything you want. Never lose hope and always have a positive outlook in life. Always say ye nahin hota toh kuch aur karr lenge (if not this then we will do something else). Just because one thing doesn't work out, it doesn't mean nothing will.  It is indeed not easy to achieve all your goals in life but for that one needs to sacrifice a lot of comfort and luxury," she said.