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Priyanka Chopra: 'Metrosexual boys suck'

Priyanka Chopra

Mumbai, Feb. 16 -- Priyanka Chopra may have been described as an ideal wife by Salman Khan on a chat show recently, but she certainly has no plans of tying the knot anytime soon.

Ask her why and she says, "Jab mere layak koi melega, tab. Saare nalayak hi hain (when I find someone worthy of me. Everyone I've met so far has been useless)." But that doesn't mean that she can't tell us what kind of man she would like to be with.    

Ask her to describe her man and she explains, "I think metrosexual boys suck. I don't like boys that are too prim and proper. Boys should be scruffy with their hair all messed up." Priyanka goes on to elaborate saying, "You know the blue jeans, white shirt, hoodie and sneakers kind. At the same time, when they clean up and wear a tuxedo, you should be left breathless. That's totally my kind of a boy."

She adds that so far she hasn't met someone like that.    But that's as far as the looks are concerned. Priyanka also says that her man has to be a reflection of her father. She says, "I have been raised in a family where my dad taught me to value myself and moreover, he valued me tremendously. My idea of a guy is someone who will be able to treat me like my dad did and for most girls it is that. He spoiled me and at the same time he was somebody I respected and looked up to."    

Priyanka tells us that it's important for her to be with someone who values what he does for a living. "I come from a family of overachievers - my parents have had two to three careers. And everyone else in my family has an academic or an arts background. I need to be with an achiever, someone who has the same drive as me."