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Priyanka Chopra: I've never said I'm single!

Priyanka Chopra


Mumbai, Sept. 21 -- Priyanka Chopra is on cloud nine. Having already won an award for her latest release, the actor says she's "overwhelmed". She also opens up about her love life, work and the Deepika Padukone controversy.

Parineeti (Chopra) recently told us that you're probably too busy to find a man. Is that true?

I'm glad she thinks that (laughs). Younger siblings should not know too many things about older siblings. I'm the oldest in the family (among the sisters) and I bully all my sisters and my brother. But no, I'm not too busy to have a love life. I'm just private about it.

Your fans should know.

They know about everything else. There's something I should keep to myself. When it becomes concrete, I'll talk about it from rooftops.

Then is it safe to say you're single right now?

I've never said I'm single. Everybody keeps saying it. I think you're single till you get married, so in that sense, yes, I am.

Recently, inappropriate pictures of Deepika (Padukone) were put up on the Internet by a leading daily. Do you think the media has crossed the line of sensationalism?

I've said for many years that when you talk about objectification, exploitation of women etc, there are so many pictures... please look back at all the times photographers have snapped girls in their dresses as soon as they sit down. They try to show their underwear. It's happened to many of my friends, and to me too. But it's not their fault, because they're briefed to take such pictures. They hardly make any money, so that one picture being sold is running their home. You can't kick the messenger. This is a much bigger issue. It's not even the media, honestly. It's the way people look at women. It's the way men look at women; the way the country looks at women. I don't think there's anything wrong in celebrating a woman's beauty, and it's absolutely fine when she wants to. We come from the land of Kama Sutra; it's a celebration - whether it's of sexuality or yourself, but not without consent. Paparazzi culture is globally horrible. People need to question themselves. No one should have to bring this to your attention to think of how many pictures you've seen that have been zoomed in and circled.

We have heard that you are doing a biopic on Kiran Bedi (social activist and retired IPS officer). Is that true?

Oho, I have been offered a bunch of films recently. I've just finished Zoya's (Akhtar, director) movie, and am starting work on two big ones next month. Between Sanjay sir's (Leela Bhansali, film-maker) project and my own production, it's going to be really stressful. I have never produced before, so I'm quite busy with that. I can't start anything until next year. Right now, I'm just listening to a few scripts. Some interesting things have come my way, but I can't talk about them until I take them up.

Apparently, you've been offered a big fee for this Bedi biopic.

I'm priceless, man, how are you talking about remuneration (laughs)? I never work for the money, but I'm thankful for it because I work damn hard. I always consider my work really holy, and along with that, if I get a bonus cheque, why not? The boys get paid so much, why shouldn't the girls?

You just won your first award for the biopic on boxer Mary Kom. How does it feel?

It was great. I was overwhelmed. It felt really amazing.