Priyanka Chopra
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Priyanka Chopra: I will never make the first move ever!

Priyanka Chopra

By Tulsi, News Network

Listen up, you boys! Here’s a how-to-get-Priyanka-Chopra manual given by Priyanka herself!

Sexy hottie Peecee opens up about relationships and more!

“As a person, I'm shy and reserved. So I will never make the first move ever. That is the guy's prerogative. I will definitely drop hints though. Aur bande ko agar samajh hogi toh he will approach,”

Oo lala! She likes to play, huh?

But promise you guys that she’s a lucky woman to have. Why? Because of this…

 “Once I'm in a relationship, then I'm all there... main goli kha loon kisi ke liye. I'm ferociously protective. I'm very possessive. What's mine is mine.”

Ufff , how filmy and romantic! So is she available?

 “My relationship status is ambiguous. I'm an enigma. Dhoondhte reh jaaoge”, laughs Priyanka!

Woah… This mysterious diva knows how to get them boys crazy! Don’t you think? But in a recent interview, she revealed some very personal things about herself.

 “I'm not perfect. I'm flawed and that's what is nice about me. When I was a kid, I had a big self-esteem issue. I never thought I was pretty; I was the dark one in the family, my cousins were fair. I was always told, though not maliciously, that isko kya ho gaya? But I was the favourite because I was the eldest daughter. I'm still spoilt by my family, my buas and my maasis. Coming back to being flawed, when you start accepting the fact, life becomes easier. Sometimes it's just difficult to accept.”

We love how she is so real, this small town girl who’s taken over the world with her looks, acting skills and singing talent!