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Priyanka Chopra gets a dream home in Los Angeles!

Priyanka Chopra


Priyanka Chopra, who has long dreamt of owning a sea-facing house, may not have found her dream Mumbai home yet, but for the next three months, she will be living in a palatial property in Los Angeles, USA.

The actor will leave for her lengthy stay in LA in a couple of weeks, to shoot for a TV show, and the producers are putting her up in a luxurious house. A source close to Priyanka tells us, “The makers of the show have booked a villa for her. She will stay there with her team for the three-month duration.”

Priyanka’s hosts are also customising the interiors to suit her preferences. The source says, “Three months is a long time, and one can easily feel homesick. So, the producers are having the interiors designed, keeping in mind her likes and dislikes.”

A friend of the actor, on the condition of anonymity, adds, “A dedicated space is being designed, where Priyanka will have a temple to pray every day. She’s also going to put up several portraits of herself and her family, just like she has at her home in Mumbai. The interior designer has been informed about the kind of upholstery she likes as well.”

Despite repeated attempts Priyanka remained unavailable, but her spokesperson confirmed the story and said, “Yes, a villa has been hired and is being done up as per her requirements.”