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Priyanka bags 15cr endorsement deal?

Priyanka Chopra


Mumbai, March 4 -- Priyanka Chopra has been in the US since January. Recently, reports revealed that she has signed an American TV show to make her international small screen debut.

Now, rumour has it that the Bollywood actor has also been approached to endorse an international brand that makes handbags. Apparently, Priyanka has even agreed to be part of the campaign in principle.

"The officials approached her last month and pitched the campaign to her, after which, she agreed to be part of it. However, some formalities are yet to be completed," informs a source.

As part of the contract, Priyanka will shoot for TV commercials as well as pose for the campaign's print ads. "Her work is expected to start next month, and will go on for a period of two months. The ads will be made public in the US," says the source, adding that the signing amount for this deal is apparently a whopping 15 crore. "In the next six months, the brand also plans to launch the range of handbags in India. Until then, Priyanka will endorse it in the US," says the source.