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Priyanka and Freida Pinto come together for girls' education!

Priyanka Chopra

By Tulsi, News Network

That’s right! The two Bollywood beauties are all set to launch a campaign dedicated to the education of girls in the country. The campaign is a global campaign called Girl Rising, and now has entered India since yesterday.

So what’s this campaign really about? It’s not just a advertisement or a speech. It’s in the form of storytelling that compels and interests everyone! It aims to spread awareness of the power and achievement of girls if they are given a chance to be educated. But the best part is, it doesn’t only aim to spread awareness, but focuses on action as well! It will urge girls and parents to let them pass 10th grade and minimize gender-based discrimination.

Priyanka Chopra and Freida Pinto have been roped in for this campaign, simply because they are known as global women and have achieved a lot. Here’s what the co-founder of the campaign and the CEO Holly Gorden has to say about the two Indian ladies: “We choose them as they are great performers, are passionate about the issue and platform and lastly when you have an issue like girls education it is important to have visible icons to carry the message.” Ms. Chopra and Ms. Pinto will be narrating stories, along with other Bollywood biggies! It will be a mass media and grassroots campaign.

Says Freida Pinto, who played a beggar in her first Hollywood film “Slumdog Millionaire”: “Girls getting married at the age of 13 and getting pregnant at 15… I mean you hardly get your period at that age. It opened doors for me.” She will also be seen playing yet another role of an oppressed girl in her next film “Trishna which releases in the beginning of 2015.

Priyanka Chopra herself comes from a small town and a smaller, less glamorous background, and is known for her success without having any Bollywood support, making it big on her own.

We feel that the two are perfect ambassadors for this global campaign! And we are so happy that Bollywood wishes to be part of the goodness of our society and the less privilege. And that media finally wants to make a difference!