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PeeCee faces awkward questions

Priyanka Chopra


New Delhi, July 5 -- Celebrities often become victims of hate comments on social media, and actor Priyanka Chopra witnessed quite a bit of it recently.

The 31-year-old actor, who was having a live, interactive question and answer session with her fans via an entertainment portal, had to face a barrage of impolite personal questions from internet users who had logged on to the chat.    

One user, drm_wvr, who was voted the top commentator by the website, asked, "How important is auto-tune in your singing career?", hinting that she uses the audio processor to auto-correct the off-key notes in her songs.

Another user, agentbigman, who was voted the second best commentator by the website, got more personal as he posed a question about PeeCee's late father Dr Ashok Chopra, after whom a road has recently been named in Mumbai. "Recently a road was renamed in Andheri, Mumbai, after your father. What was the reason that it was renamed? What contributions has your father made that a road was renamed after him and not after countless other people who strived and died for India? (sic)".    

While Priyanka decided to not answer these questions online, when we tried reaching her later, her spokesperson told us that the actor would not like to comment on the issue.