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Mary Kom: What matters is how many I inspire..

Priyanka Chopra


New Delhi, Aug. 18 -- Olympic medallist, boxer MC Mary Kom, does not want to get into any controversies surrounding the biopic on her that stars actor Priyanka Chopra.

Instead, the 31-yearold says, "For me, what matters is that people should see the movie and get inspired by my story to do well for the country. I don't want any controversies on why a Manipuri girl was or wasn't chosen for the role. It's important how many youngsters I inspire."

Asked if she has seen the biopic, Kom says, "I have seen it and it is really nice. I am happy with the way things are portrayed and Priyanka has done a great job. While playing my character, Priyanka has tried to talk in the same manner as I do; she has shown the same emotions, aggression and has also got some experience in boxing." She adds, "While watching the movie, I was only concentrating on the emotional aspect of the film. Everyone knows who Mary Kom is, but what we want to convey through the film are the difficulties that I faced after giving birth to my children and still wanting to continue with the sport. There were times when I was not present at home when my kids were not well ... but I overcame the odds. Hopefully, others, too, will get motivated to do the same. If I can do it, why can't they?"

She's garnered the recognition that she deserves, but the ace boxer still wants to go out and win medals for the country. "I am 90 -100% fit now (she recently recovered from an injury) and will compete in the qualifications for the Asian Games (to be held next month in South Korea). It is difficult to make a comeback but I have a dream to get more medals for our country," she says.