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Mary Kom: I'd like my biopic to have a sequel!

Priyanka Chopra


Mumbai, Oct. 6 -- A five-time World Champion and an Olympic bronze medallist, Mary Kom has now bagged gold at the 2014 Asian Games. But, she was in the headlines even before this latest achievement, thanks to the biopic made by Sanjay Leela Bhansali that starred Priyanka Chopra.

Now, post her victory, the boxer appreciates all the support they've extended. "Unfortunately, I could not attend all the promotional activities. Priyanka and Bhansali invited me every time, but I was unable to attend them as I had to focus on my training for this competition. They have cooperated and have been extremely supportive. That's also a reason that I could win. Otherwise, it would have been very hard for me," says Mary.

The boxer also thanks other Bollywood stars for supporting her. "I am very happy that many superstars are following me (on social networking sites), and supporting me. It definitely encourages me. I am happy to receive their love," she adds. Interestingly, Mary now wants a sequel to her biopic. She says, "I would like my biopic to have a part two. This one did not include my preparations for Olympics, qualifying rounds and my victory. It would be nice if they include the Olympics and Asian Games victories in the second part."