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Deepika Padukone and Priyanka Chopra are "BalleRani's"

Priyanka Chopra

By Tulsi, News Network

That’s right. Not ballerinas, not even lavni dancers, but BalleRani’s is what PeeCee likes to call it!

Their famous dance face off is creating more and more curiousty by the day. And now, thanks to this picture shared by Priyanka on Instagram just a few hours ago, it’s getting too much to take! We want to see them dance, and we want to see them dance now!

Along with the picture she wrote: “We ain’t no ballerinas.. #BalleRanis do it in style! say what @deepikapadukone“.

Isn’t that a beautifully captured picture, by the way? We just love the two pairs of feet with ballerinas and ghoonghrus!