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Big boys get the numbers: Priyanka Chopra

Priyanka Chopra


Mumbai, Oct. 7 -- Priyanka Chopra doesn't shy away from speaking her mind, even if it may land her in trouble. Even as the debate about disparate salaries for actors and actresses rages on, Priyanka - whose last release was a critically and commercially successful, woman-centric film - says that the current situation is understandable.

"We (actresses) haven't made that kind of money with our films. You've got to give credit to the boys. Yes, the change has started. My film has made the kind of money that it did. But then, our cost of production was much less compared to what we've made. We needed to sign so many brand deals to be able to market the film on the level that we did. Films made with heroes wouldn't have such issues because their budgets are big," says Priyanka, insisting that one must "give credit to the big boys because they get the numbers".

About her male counterparts, the actor also points out that "they get paid that much more" due to their boxoffice reputation. She adds, "I'm honest and logical, and I get into trouble half the time because of that. The men get numbers like 200-300 crore. The day we do that, I'm sure we'll get paid as much. Yes, the disparity is huge, but slowly it will bridge."

Priyanka emphasises that the change can come about only if viewers change their attitude. "The more actresses are able to deliver, the more people will not be sexist in terming a film being 'maleoriented' or 'female-oriented', and watch it for the fact that it's a good movie," she says, adding, "And the day the country starts giving us that respect, maybe the producers will too."