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Pritam Chakraborty: Workspace issues..

Pritam Chakraborty


Mumbai, April 2 -- With as many as five projects lined up, music composer Pritam Chakraborty, who is back to work after a year-long break, wanted to start recording at his renovated studio, but the place is not ready yet.

As a result, he has resorted to working from an old room in the same premises.

A source reveals, "Pritam had taken a year's break to get his studio and office renovated. But now that he has several projects lined up, he has started work immediately, leaving him with no time to buy even basic furniture for his renovated studio."

In his kitty this year, the composer has Karan Johar's next with Ranbir Kapoor, Rohit Shetty's next with Shah Rukh Khan, and Kabir Khan's next with Salman Khan, in addition to his earlier projects - Anurag Basu's film, and Kabir's project with Saif Ali Khan.

When contacted, Pritam confirmed the news, saying, "Getting my studio renovated was one of the most important things on my agenda during my year-long break in 2014. My architect has done up the space beautifully. But now, for the last three months, I have been so busy with work, that I have not been able to finalise the furniture, so the studio is lying empty and unused."