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Preity Zinta snubs journo for asking about ex-beau Ness Wadia..

Preity Zinta


For Preity Zinta, questions regarding her fallout with ex-boyfriend Ness Wadia irk her, and the actor surely drives the point home.

Preity was at an event recently held to promote her IPL team before the next season of the tournament begins, where a reporter of a TV channel prodded her regarding Wadia.

Annoyed, Preity snapped at the reporter calling it highly inelegant to be asking such questions at the event. “Why do you have to ruin it (event); why do you want to ruin everything?”

Preity said, adding “What happens on the ground is different from what happens off it. I will really appreciate if the media didn’t make a big deal out of it.” With that, the event came to an early end, and a sulking Preity walked out.