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Preity Zinta set for a ferocious Bollywood comeback!

Preity Zinta


Actor Preity Zinta, whose current legal conflict with ex-beau Ness Wadia scorched the headlines, is set to make a comeback with Neeraj Pathak's Bhaiyyaji, in which she plays a ferocious bandit.

The film will also feature Sunny Deol as a gangster from Uttar Pradesh. According to Pathak, Preity has pulled it off with aplomb. "Preity plays an Uttar Pradeshwali. She plays a gangster's daughter. She's no-nonsense UP gangster and Sunny Deol's wife," he added.

Apparently Preity's transformation into a foul-mouthed rustic bandit was so convincing that Sunny wants to cast her as Sohni's Punjabi mother in the remake of Sohni Mahiwal, a film that the actor reportedly wants to do with his son in the lead.

Pathak said, "Preity's interpretation of the firebrand wife's character is bang-on. She will not be seen as only for urbane sophisticated roles after Bhaiyyaji. We've 12 days' shooting left. We will complete the shooting post-monsoon."

In the past Preity had worked with both Sunny and Bobby in The Hero: Love Story Of A Spy and Soldier. Interestingly, both the films were hits.