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Preity Zinta bats for Sehwag!

Preity Zinta

Mumbai, March 12 -- Preity Zinta is excited about having Virender Sehwag in the T20 cricket team that she co-owns. But the actor denies that the fate of her team will depend solely on the Delhi batsman's performance in the league.

"It's not that all expectations are on Viru and that he has to perform. We aren't banking on him alone. We're happy to have Mitchell Johnson in our team. We've also signed local players like Mandeep Singh and Gurkeerat Singh apart from several other youngsters from the area," she says.  

Adding that she was always keen on having Sehwag in her team, Preity says that his playing style is well suited to her team and the pitches that they will play on. She adds, "He is a sweet guy with a good temperament. We'll get along very well."    

Ask her what she likes about Sehwag's game, and Preity says, "He likes the ball to come to him, and he plays on the back foot. He isn't the sort to go to the ball and attack it. However, it's a team of 11 players, and if each of them takes responsibility for one game, we'll be fine. It would be unfair to put all expectations on him."