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Preity picks up a patriotism row!

Preity Zinta


New Delhi, Oct. 11 -- Actor Preity Zinta, who is known to voice her opinions strongly, recently got into a heated Twitter debate by showing her displeasure for those who do not stand up for the National Anthem. The actor, who had gone to watch a movie recently, tweeted, "Had2 throw a guy out of the Theater as he refused 2stand up4 our National Anthem! Can u believe it? Now movie time (sic)."

The uproar comes not long after a controversy around the same matter erupted after the release of the Mary Kom biopic starring Priyanka Chopra. A few people were arrested in Kerala for not standing up for the National Anthem that features at the end of the film.

As for Preity's tweet, it was slammed within minutes, with Twitterati labelling her a 'bully' and 'undemocratic'. "Someone shud explain her law and democracy," wrote @ Joydas. "To each his own, hasn't she heard?" wrote another user, SupraMan.

The backlash prompted the actor to quickly delete the post, and issue a clarification. She tweeted, "For the record it was not me but the people in the theater who asked him to leave. I seconded it so there would be no trouble." Later, in sporting spirit, the 39-yearold also shared many of the varying opinions, and tweeted, "I dont stand up4 Our National Anthem because i have 2 but because I WANT to. Its my way of saluting all the sacrifices people have made4 us (sic)."