Prateik Babbar
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Prateik Babbar wants to play characters that have seen struggle in life


Actor Prateik Babbar is on the look out for films with messages, as he wants to help people through the medium of films.

“I have been brainstorming about the kind of films which I want to take up. I want to do films with messages.I want to play someone who undergoes some sort of struggle and pain and comes out of it, as I feel that these roles will work for me at this stage,” says Prateik, who recently spoke about his struggle with drug abuse.

The 29-year-old actor adds that he is not rigid when it comes to genres. “I am a fan of cinema. The genre has never mattered much to me. I want to take up anything that excites me. It can be a drama, action or a comedy,” he says.

Prateik says that as of now he is going through scripts and preparing himself to be able to work long schedules.

“I really want to get back to films, but it’s important for me to reach a stage where I am able to work continuously for 20-25 hours a day. This drug abuse has taken a toll on my body and I need to get in shape again. I am offered films, but I want to be absolutely ready. I am also working on my craft so that when I decide to take up a film, I am able to give my best to it,” he says.