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Poonam Dhillon to turn director

Yesteryear actress Poonam Dhillonis all set to don the director's hat for a romantic film. Best known for her films like Noorie, Dard, Sohni Mahiwal, Naam among others, Poonam has got three scripts ready which she will direct one after the other. "I always wanted to direct a film. I have a script ready. I have two-three subjects ready. One is a fun romantic comedy, typical feel good film and one is serious with a social issue," Poonam told PTI.

"I want to make a commercial romantic-comedy film. I think it would be a commercially successful and then I will make other films," she added.

Due to her other commitments like TV show Ek Nayi Pehchaan, Poonam will start with the film direction after some time.

"We will take a few months. Hopefully, we will start working on it next year. It is a romantic film filled with emotions and comedy. I want to start with something that is light," the actress said.

Poonam has a few actors in mind for the film but is not ready to divulge any names.

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