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Patralekhaa: I want to act in a love story with Rajkummar


New Delhi, Feb. 26 -- Actor-couple Patralekhaa and Rajkummar Rao were quite an impactful pair in the film CityLights (2014). But there hasn't been talk of any other film featuring the two. Ask her about it, and she says that she wants to do an out and out love story with her beau, provided the offer is good.

"Rajkummar and I have discussed this and I just have a feeling that we should come back with a love story. Something like the film Saathiya (2002), in terms of the set up and the overall feel. That's something we are really looking forward to do. We are being a little choosy about it because I want to get into a love story zone with him. But whatever projects we have been offered till now are not A grade films, but fall more into the category of B grade flicks. So, we haven't taken up any project," says Patralekhaa.

This year started with a lot of couples in Bollywood breaking up, but Patralekhaa is very confident of her relationship with Rajkummar. "Initially, I used to get fazed by reports of our relationship being in trouble. But Rajkummar and I are best friends more than anything else. If there is any kind of change in our attitude towards each other, we understand that without saying anything to each other. So, we are in a comfortable space," says the actor.

But she says that if there is anyone who gets bothered by rumours of their breakup, it's her family. "My parents get a little worried by such gossip items, but I think with time they have started accepting that these things happens when one is in the limelight," she says.