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Pricey Parineeti!

Parineeti Chopra


Mumbai, Sept. 24 -- Her Bollywood career might be just three years old, but Parineeti Chopra is happy about her current financial status.

Talking about how she is earning enough, the actor says, "I am making a lot of money (laughs), touchwood. I think the reason is that I have 12 brands [to endorse]. You earn mostly from endorsements. I am not sure, but I think I am endorsing the maximum number of brands. Thankfully, due to them, I am doing well [financially]," she says.

Parineeti already owns three luxury cars. She wants to buy a house for herself as well. "I just love cars. I currently own three. I really want to buy a house now," she confirms.

The actor, who currently lives in a rented apartment in Andheri, says, "My budget for the house [I want to buy] is very good. Everyone makes fun of me, saying that Parineeti toh bas paise bana rahi hai (she is only making money). I want to be financially independent. I am very happy."