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Parineeti: One must sign films for the right reason..

Parineeti Chopra


New Delhi, Jan. 8 -- Being away from the big screen for a year doesn't make actor Parineeti Chopra apprehensive.

"That kind of insecurity doesn't exist in my body. I'm a happy and comfortable person. I didn't even realise that someone would think that one year has gone by. I just hope to not go wrong with films," says the actor, adding that she only takes up a film if she is satisfied with her character and the script.

"My last film Kill Dill (2014) didn't do well and I just hope that never happens again. I can't control that but from his or her own side one should sign the film for the right reason. You can't take up films thinking that you are sitting at home for a month and you need to sign something," says Parineeti.

Talking about her journey in the industry, the 27-year-old says there are many things in the short span which have given her immense happiness. "I'm so new, but really happy with what I've achieved... I've won a lot of awards for my first film. I won a National Award for my second. I have worked with such nice people. There are highs and lows, but I'm very happy with the way the last four years have gone by," she adds.