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Parineeti: 'I did Alia's video to prove a point'

Parineeti Chopra


New Delhi, Oct. 3 -- Parineeti Chopra and Alia Bhatt have always been touted as rivals and it was this which drove the former to take part in a recent spoof featuring Alia.

Parineeti plays the role of a high-headed actor in the video and she adds that it was easy as this is how the media has always portrayed her, especially while referring to her equation with Alia. "It was fun. As a script and role, I was very tempted and excited to take it. What really got the deal for me is that I had to act like this bitchy actor, which we had internally gotten sick of hearing. It's written that 'Alia and Parineeti are fighting, they are enemies', and we were like what the hell? So, just to play on that, I got on the board," she said.

She further added that she is very glad that everyone understood the spirit in which the video was made and did not mind it at all. "I am glad that everybody has taken that in the spirit in which we have made it. We were scared about the reactions initially," she says.