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Parineeti Chopra: 'Why should I have to be scared?'

Parineeti Chopra


Mumbai, July 4 -- At a press meet last year, Parineeti Chopra yelled at a journalist for his 'sexist' comment. Interestingly, the video clip only went viral on the Internet recently.

We ask Parineeti about the incident, and the state of women's security in India.    

Do you know about the video from a press conference that went viral?    Some people messaged me saying, 'Way to go', and that's when I got to know that it's out again. Even I felt 'Yeh kahaan se aa gaya? Itna late reaction kyun hua ispe?' (Where did this come from? Why is there such a late reaction to it?).    

You look very angry in the clip...    The man said the most absurd, sexist thing. I would have hit him. Most people told me that they are proud of me, so I know I am right (smiles).    

Of late, a number of rape cases have been reported, especially from Uttar Pradesh...    It's not about 'where' the rape is happening. Due to the Delhi gangrape and others, these cases have started getting media attention. People talk about them more, and more action is being taken. As a girl, it surely affects me, regardless of the location.    

Despite all the security, do you feel vulnerable?    Yes. I run my own errands - like buying groceries - without security. If we finish shooting at 8-9 pm, or even later, we have to schedule other meetings after that. So, I'm out till 1-2 am, and when I'm returning home, I don't know what can happen.    

Do these instances frustrate you?    If I were a boy, I wouldn't be scared. I feel it's unfair. I haven't chosen my gender. I happen to be a girl by birth. That shouldn't mean I am supposed to feel scared all the time. I am sure no boy would feel scared walking on the roads at two o'clock in the night. But, as a girl, I can't do that. I don't understand this kind of discrimination.    

When you stated that you weren't close to your cousin, Meera, she dubbed the comment 'stupid'.    That's the truth. I swear I don't know our exact relationship. As far as I know, our dads are either first or second cousins. Anyway, I am not in touch with her. I don't speak to Meera at all. I don't know why she has said that it's stupid because that's a fact.    

But Meera is close to your cousin Priyanka Chopra.    I think she is in touch with Mimi didi (Priyanka). They must be close but that's not the case with me. And that happens. Among cousins, you are close to some, while not to others. She is not my direct cousin, so I am not close to her.    

You have two films coming up, including one with your first co-star, Ranveer Singh. How does that feel?    In my film with Aditya (Roy Kapur), you will see a lot of food. And I am excited about working with Govinda and Ranveer. Both of them know Shaad (Ali, director) from before, but for me he was just Shaad the director. I got to know while working on the film that he is the maddest person. Since all four of us have a lot of energy, there was a group of four mad people on the sets.