Parineeti Chopra
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Parineeti Chopra trying to hog the limelight?

Parineeti Chopra

By Tulsi, News Network

This new actress has been doing her best to up her fan-base, and by hook or by crook, if we can say so. This time, along with “Kill Dil” co-stars Ranveer Singh and Ali Zafar, she came on Bigg Boss 8 last Sunday to promote the film, and played a blown-out-of-proportion prank of being touched inappropriately by contestant Ali Quli Mirza.

Now, sexual harassment is no joke in our country, and definitely not a topic to be pranked on. The audience was left upset with the show and Pari both.

Ms. Chopra speaks up and explains the prank. “You know I have realised, especially after this that if you do anything it is 50-50. When you do something strong, people will applaud you for that. So some people said that this prank was too much, but it was really funny.” Well, that’s not enough of an explanation. So she continues “Having said that my stance on this is that I know Ali from outside so if I had to play a prank on someone it had to be only him. I would not do it with anybody else because I know Ali.”

What happened on Bigg Boss 8 last Sunday:
While Parineeti, Ranveer and Ali Zafar were doing some Govinda moves along with the contestants, Pari accused Ali Quli Mirza of touching her and created a huge scene. She took the route to the confession room and post that continued with some fun with her co-stars. Nobody really knew what was going on, until they figured out that it was actually a prank.  

Parineeti states that it was the show makers’ marketing idea. Well, Pari, you should have known that they are just trying to grab some eyeballs! Negative publicity is Bigg Boss’ way of getting TRP. Too bad you got caught in the middle of it all.