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Parineeti: 'Alia and I are friends'


Mumbai, July 23 -- She has won accolades for her acting skills, but Parineeti Chopra's fashion sense came under the scanner when her contemporary, Alia Bhatt, remarked (on Karan Johar's talk show) that the she could do with some help when it comes to style.    

Ever since, the two young actors have been pitted against one another. However, Parineeti insists that she hasn't taken Alia's honest comment to heart.    "Alia and I are friends, so, it doesn't matter. She tells me in person as well, 'Oh! Today, you're looking good or today, you aren't.' As a friend, she comments (on my clothes). And just because she said it on Karan's (Johar) show, it became a big thing. But I agree with her (opinion). Alia was right," says Parineeti.    So, does she constantly get fashion advice from Alia? "It's not like Alia tells me what to wear and what not to. But if we meet up, she comments sometimes... like how a friend would tell you, 'Hey, you are wearing great shoes or a good T-shirt'," she says.    

We've also heard that lately, Parineeti has been bonding with her new co-star, Aditya Roy Kapur (Shraddha Kapoor's alleged boyfriend), and that has caused a rift between her and Shraddha.    

Ask Parineeti what kind of relationship she shares with Shraddha, and she says, "I am an extremely friendly person. So I have a great equation with all of them (actresses). Shraddha and I became friends before I starting acting. We had gone partying too. In fact, recently, we went partying together again, and Shraddha asked me, 'Do you remember that night when we partied together?' says Parineeti.

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