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Celebs slam the shamers!


New Delhi, May 6 -- Over the past few months, Bollywood celebrities have spoken of their experiences of being body shamed and how they fought back.

Last month, actor Zarine Khan posted a photo of her during her school days, when she was overweight, on Instagram and said that she is proud of her body.

"Along with the weight loss came a lot of stretch marks but instead of feeling ashamed of it and trying to hide it, I believe in flaunting it," she wrote alongside the photo.

The actor went from being 100 kilos to 57 kilos. More recently, actor Parineeti Chopra posted an old photo of herself and said that constant criticism encouraged her to get fitter.

The actor, who went from being a size 38 to size 30, wrote on Instagram, "I was constantly made fun of, but the person I was, I generously laughed with them."

In March, Sonam Kapoor had supported actor Anushka Sharma on Twitter after the latter tweeted that she was constantly criticised for being too thin. "(Anushka) people are just J of you! Coz you're a self respecting intelligent successful beautiful woman!!!" she wrote in a series of tweets.

Ad guru Prahlad Kakkar lauds the bold move by celebrities but says that "looking fit" should not be the only thing that the world should be worried about.

"The advertisements for weight loss and weigh gain have definitely gone up, ever since they have started talking about body shaming. It is good thing, but should not be ultimate goal in someone's life," he says.