Pallavi Sharda

Pallavi is the daughter of Dr. Hema Sharda (Director of South Asian Relations at the University of Western Australia), and Dr. Nalin Kant Sharda (Professor of Computer Science at Victoria University).

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Actor Pallavi Sharda, who is busy balancing her Bollywood and international projects, rues not knowing how to spread...
Actor Pallavi Sharda is content with the way her career is shaping up in the industry. Even though she has done a few...
In Bollywood, out of sight means out of mind. Besharam actress Pallavi Sharda believes otherwise.
Pallavi Sharda
Pallavi Sharda rose to popularity last year after starring opposite Ranbir Kapoor in Besharam.
Pallavi Sharda
Forget about dating, actor Pallavi Sharda, who has been linked to her debut film Besharam director Abhinav Kashyap,...