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Onir rents a house in Delhi



New Delhi, May 14 -- Filmmaker Onir, known for directing path-breaking films like My Brother... Nikhil, Bas Ek Pal and national award-winning film, I Am, is temporarily shifting his base to Delhi.    

On his recent visit to the Capital, the 45-year-old reveals that it's his next directorial venture which has brought him to the city. "I'm here to finalise the locations for my next film's shoot. I'm planning to start shooting next month," he says, adding, "I need to shoot four seasons - summer, monsoon, autumn, winter - in the next six months in Delhi. So, I have rented a studio apartment at Shahpur Jat and will be staying there till I complete the film."    

The director is extremely excited about his stay. "Delhi offers amazing international food options, which you hardly get in other cities. In Kolkata, you get Bengali and Chinese. Mumbai, too, has limited options. But in Delhi, there is Korean, Thai, Japanese ... you name, and you get it," he says.    

Onir seems to be smitten by the tiny coffee shops in the nook and corner of the city. "There are cosy, beautiful, tiny coffee shops in places like Hauz Khas and Shahpur Jat. You can peacefully spend a whole day sipping coffee and doing work or just chatting with your friends. I love spending time there," he says.    

He is also in awe of stylish Delhi girls. "I find Delhi girls to be extremely fashionable. They beat Mumbai girls, when it comes to fashion sensibilities. I'll be thrown out of Mumbai after this," he laughs.