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Onir busy with docu film on Down syndrome..


New Delhi, June 20 -- Filmmaker Onir was recently in Delhi shooting for a documentary. The director is making a film on children with Down syndrome, and feels strongly about the subject.

"I am making a documentary after 25 years because of the subject. I feel it's very relevant today. My aim is to get a little support from society, so these children can live their lives to the fullest and contribute to society," says Onir.

Talking about the concept of the film, he adds, "The film will show the journey of 21 children and young adults living with Down syndrome, from Australia, travelling to India. They will be performing in Chennai and Delhi and will be interacting with people in India. Along with them, three Indian children and young adults will also be performing. This will help them learn from each other's experience."

Onir will be shooting the film in Delhi, Pune and Chennai. Some parts will be shot in Australia as well, says the filmmaker. "I will return to Delhi in the first week of July as I still have some work left there. I need to shoot in schools in Delhi. The film will be screened at the Indian Film Festival in Melbourne," says the filmmaker.