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Onir bashes Censor Board!



Mumbai, Aug. 28 -- On August 18, the CBI arrested the CEO of the Censor Board of Film Certification - Rakesh Kumar - in an alleged bribery case. Since then, many directors and actors have criticised the functioning of the Censor Board [CB].

Now, film-maker Onir has joined the list. He says, "I think it's good that the CB has finally been exposed. This has brought into focus something that has been happening for many years. [Members of the CB] say they will ban things that are against Indian culture. I ask them, 'Is taking a bribe part of Indian culture?'"

When asked if he has had to deal with similar problems [in the past], the film-maker simply says, "Of course". He had, in fact, taken to social media to express his disappointment when the CB did not allow his film, I Am [2011], to be telecast on Doordarshan, since it did not have a U-certificate [a mandatory requirement for a movie to be shown on the national network].

Onir adds that members of the CB "are sometimes extremely regressive in the way they think". "It's high time that good people, who are educated, head such an important board," he says.