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Mary Kom success made director rethink second script..

Omung Kumar


New Delhi, Feb. 1 -- Director Omung Kumar, who made his debut with the Priyanka Chopra-starrer Mary Kom, admits to changing many parts of his second script, after he realised what worked for his first.

"The success has made me rethink my second script, as I am thinking what worked for my first film. It humbles me when people come up to me and say that I made a very good decision by directing Mary Kom as my first film," says Kumar.

However, the director admits that making the film, which was based on the life of boxer Mary Kom, was a tough task. "In an ordinary film, you can include whatever you want to and leave out whatever you want to. A living person's story is tough to fit in two hours. If you just show everything the way it happens in real life, it becomes a documentary. You have to dramatise it," says Kumar.

Priyanka went on record to say that Omung is a good actor, as he had acted out scenes for her during Mary Kom. So, does he plans to become an actor too? "I might act in the future. It was easier for me to direct Priyanka, as I used to act every scene out to her. This makes it easier for me to direct. If I am offered a fantastic role, I will surely take it up," he says.