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Nimrat's Kashmir connect!

Nimrat Kaur


New Delhi, April 1 -- Not many may have noticed the tattoo on actor Nimrat Kaur's left wrist, that reads Zainab.

Asked what it means, the 33-year-old says, "It has many (meanings), but I got it for 'father's precious jewel', or 'daughter that brings glory to the father's name'. It's for my dad. I lost him when I was very young and as I get older, I miss him more and more."

Kaur, who lost her father, Major Bhupender Singh, an Indian Army officer, after he was abducted and killed in Kashmir by a Pakistani separatist group in 1994, has spoken about her love-hate relationship with the valley, in the April issue of GQ India.

"It's a real love/hate relationship with (Kashmir), for how beautiful it is and what it took away from my family," she was quoted as saying in the interview. She spent her growing up years in Noida thereafter, and then finally moved to Mumbai.

However, she adds that she has had her closure, since. In June 2013, she went back to the house in Kashmir where they lived. "I talked to people that had worked with my father, went trekking alone a lot ... it was a great closure ... after I came back to Bombay, I got the Zainab tattoo done," she shares.

Work-wise, she has gone through 25 scripts, since her return from playing Tasneem Qureshi, a Pakistani Inter-Services Intelligence spy in the popular American series, Homeland, and is acting with Akshay Kumar in a contemporary-period piece set in Kuwait.

Ask her if a masala Bollywood film is the right choice after an award-winning film like The Lunchbox (2013), and a stint on US TV, and she retorts, "I've just spent a week with a man whose films I've grown up watching. How freaking cool is that?" From Akshay, she says, she had picked up fitness tips during the shoot.