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Nikhil's character based on Tezaab's 'Munna'..

Nikhil Dwivedi


New Delhi, Oct. 10 -- Nikhil Dwivedi's character in his upcoming film is said to be inspired by Anil Kapoor's legendary role of Munna from his film Tezaab.

Even though, there has not been any formal confirmation on the same, inside sources reveal that the two characters are very similar to each other.

"While the makers have not openly confirmed the news, insiders reveal that Nikhil's character in the film is inspired by Anil Kapoor's Munna in Tezaab.

"However, Nikhil's character in the film is not exactly the same as Anil's, it has a twist," says a source, adding that now the makers are waiting to see if Anil Kapoor likes the character or not.