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In real life, I won't chase after goons: Neil Bhoopalam

Neil Bhoopalam


New Delhi, April 1 -- Actor Neil Bhoopalam, whose last release NH 10 did well at the box office, says the most challenging scene in the film was when he gets slapped by Darshan Kumar.

"There's a particular scene where my character gets slapped by a goon. How Arjun, the character that I play, chooses to react to that was something that I wouldn't choose as an individual," says the 32-year old.

In the scene, when Neil is slapped, he chooses to pursue the ruffians despite his wife, played by actor Anushka Sharma, telling him not to do so.

"It's very easy to watch something like that happen in a movie, as you know that it must have been written in the script. But if you choose to react like that in real life, people might not agree with your choice at that time," says Neil.

When asked if he faced any violent incident in real life, he quips, "During the shooting, there was an incident in which I saw extreme rage. There was an argument between two truck drivers, and one of them, a 19-year-old, took a rod and broke the window of the other guy's truck. It was uncontrollable rage, and if it's in him, it would be in many of us," he says.