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Yuvraj and I are just friends, says Neha Dhupia

Neha Dhupia

Despite being off the big screen for a while, actor Neha Dhupia has been making news for her link-up with cricketer Yuvraj Singh. However, the actor denies all rumours.

“I have known Yuvraj since I was really young. Just because we go out together in public does not mean that we are dating each other. And just because we are getting linked, does not mean that we are going to stop going out. We are really good friends and that’s not going to change,” she says, ­adding that she respects ­sportspersons," Neha said.

“They understand team spirit, sportsmanship ... they witness failures on a daily basis and every time they bounce back harder. And the biggest story for bouncing back is of Yuvraj’s for sure.” The actor was earlier linked to squash player Ritwik Bhattacharya.

Talking about her absence from the big screen for a while, the actor says she has become very choosy. “I have done enough good scripts and enough bad films. I am tip toeing in the industry right now,” she says.