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Why marry, just to share a bathroom?: Neha Dhupia

Neha Dhupia


Mumbai, Dec. 7 -- Actor Neha Dhupia, who recently split with her Venezuelan boyfriend James Sylvester, says that she's in no hurry to get into a relationship right now, or get married, as she feels quite "settled" in her life.

"I feel settled already. I mean, I'm paying my own bills ... what else do I need?" says the 34-year-old, who doesn't want to marry for the heck of it. "I mean, why marry? Just to share a bathroom and a wardrobe? No way. I have never done anything just because others are doing it. I will never jump into the wedding bandwagon just for the heck of it... and to be very frank, in my head, I still feel I'm 18," laughs Neha.

"I can barely manage myself with so much happening in my life already - my shoots, shows and everything else," adds the actor, who was recently seen playing a journalist in a film. "It was a different experience, and I had to learn the particular tone in which journalists talk... like, depending on the occasion that they are reporting on, you always see them talking in a certain tone, so that was a challenge that I had to master," she explains.