Neha Dhupia
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When Neha Dhupia turned up as the sun of the season!

Neha Dhupia

By Tulsi, News Network

I can’t stop staring at what Neha Dhupia just pulled off… At the Lonely Planet Awards, I witnessed the most breath-takingly well-dressed women – Jacqueline Fernandez and Neha Dhupia!

While we already told you how neon-trodding lip-licious Jackie looked, we haven’t yet discussed Neha Dhupia’s hello-yellow outfit!

She looked so, so funky in a Payal Khandelwal creation. She wore junky Amrapali jewellery along with the dress (perfect choice of accessories, we couldn’t have imaged anything else) and yellow open-toe pumps.

Her make up was bronze and glossy, with dark eyes and neatly tied hair, making her look every bit effing hot!

We do wish she would have worn another colour of pumps, maybe glittering gold! The yellow dress was so gorgeous that the yellow pumps couldn’t match up…

Nevertheless, she looked gypsie as hell, and we really needed that break from the whites and the florals and the sophisticated or the girlie dressing…

Thank you Neha! You’ll always be one sexy lady!