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Neha refuses to share spotlight!

Neha Dhupia


Mumbai, June 6 -- After Anil Kapoor, Amitabh Bachchan and Jaya Bachchan debuting in fiction shows on television, it seems a trend has started where the small screen is likely to see more Bollywood actors.

We have come to know that, recently, Neha Dhupia was offered an interesting role in the ongoing crime show, Shapath, but she apparently refused to take it up.    

A source says, "The makers of the show wanted to revamp it. After the last concept of super cops fighting against super villains, the concept now comprises cops and criminals."

And apparently, Neha was approached by the creative team of the show. "She wasn't interested in doing a television show as part of an ensemble cast. She said that she is keen on a project where she plays the solo lead role and is the focus of the show. They couldn't fit her requirements as the strength of the show is in its ensemble cast, so they couldn't cast her," adds the source.    

BP Singh, the producer of the show that also stars Aman Varma and Aamir Dalvi, says "The channel officials had suggested her name for the role. But, when they discussed the role with her, things didn't work out. So, Jesse Randhawa was chosen for it eventually."    

When contacted, Neha says, "I am not in a position to say anything right now."