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Neha Dhupia: Down with ragging!

Neha Dhupia


New Delhi, July 2 -- Neha Dhupia has a word of advice for seniors: keep those fuchcha interations friendly.

I was ragged in college, but that was in a harmless, fun way. We were made to wear funny wigs and go out begging on the road. And I was like 'wow, I have got my first acting job'... it felt like an audition! Actually, that was when I spent the maximum time in college at a stretch - that and when I was writing my exams, because then you have to sit for three hours straight.

Our ragging was almost nothing, so I want to tell the current seniors that if you are going to indulge in friendly fuchcha interactions, do it in control. You don't know at what level you are hurting someone. To the juniors, I want to say that just enjoy your time in college, because after that you'll be working, doing your post graduation, so enjoy and keep everything balanced.

My college days were fabulous. I had a fun bunch of friends. Ramneek Pantal (Delhi-based emcee), who came all the way from Noida, was always

dressed so well, while I stayed 3 kilometers away (Dhaula Kuan, Part 1) and looked like I had rolled out of bed. There was another very good friend - Sarita Bhandari, who I still meet, and Sunaina Shah, who I am not in touch with now, maybe this article will help us reconnect.

One of my best memories of college is this amazing chhole-bhature waala there. He gave the yummiest chhole-bhature for ' 10. After I became a model, I came back to eat there and got to know that the NDMC had removed him, and it was so heartbreaking.