Nawazuddin Siddiqui
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Nawazuddin is still very insecure, but not about his looks

Nawazuddin Siddiqui


Actor Nawazuddin Siddiqui is the epitome of an atypical Hindi film hero. And he is well aware of it. “I’m from a family that is not even remotely related to Bollywood — my physical appearance isn’t the kind you’d expect to see in a Hindi film. But I knew I was an actor,” says Nawaz, with a humility that is rare.

With the same honesty, 41-year-old Nawazuddin confesses that despite being hailed as a dependable actor, he is still insecure.

“Industry format mein hi insecurity hai... Formula hi insecurity wala hai... When I was trying to make my way in, about 70% films had the same plot — a hero, a heroine and a villain. There was hardly anything for anyone else. So, I was insecure about getting work. But I was clear ki kaam chhota ya bada ho... bas mile aur main acha kar sakoon. Now, the  insecurity is different now,” says the NSD graduate, who hails from a family of farmers from Budhana village, UP.

“Now, the insecurity is: if the character will leave its mark on the audience or not. The fresh guy I am playing... will he be fresh enough or not — kahin pichle character ka hangover toh nahi hoga? Appreciation isko milega ya pichle wale ke hangover mein hi honge log? It’s crucial that the character leaves its mark,” says the National Award-winner.

The actor values critical and commercial acclaim, but that hasn’t changed him. “Jitna socha tha usse zyada mila. All I wanted was to get work — screen-time of the role didn’t matter to me. I’m an actor and I wanted to work — be it in, films, theatre or TV,” says Nawaz, whose first role was a small one in Aamir Khan-starrer, Sarfarosh (1999).