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Nawaz praises Ranbir!

Nawazuddin Siddiqui


Mumbai, May 5 -- They are perceived to represent two completely different schools of acting, but interestingly, Nawazuddin Siddiqui says that he is impressed by Ranbir Kapoor.

"I like Ranbir because he is experimenting a lot with his craft and film choices. On the one hand, he does Bombay Velvet and then he acts in Barfi! (2012). He is a trained and intelligent actor. All actors should experiment with their work and take risks," says Nawazuddin.    

Ask him if everyone is open to taking risks and he explains, "Slowly, people have started doing so. Even acting standards in commercial films are growing. Earlier, it was about larger than-life acting and dialogue, but now, it's time to experiment in Bollywood."    

While Nawazuddin has already acted with Aamir Khan (Sarfarosh; 1999 and Talaash; 2012), he is now readying to share screen space with another Khan - Salman.

"Aamir experiments a lot with his work, which is why he is respected a lot. And when you see Salman's work, you see a lot of honesty. You feel, 'Ye aadmi aisa hi hai. Bahut honest dikhtein hai screen par' (This man is like that only. He comes across as an honest person on screen). That attracts audiences," he says.    

Denying that he's playing a villain opposite Salman, the actor adds, "It's a beautiful script. And whatever I have heard, Sajid's (Nadiadwala; director) enthusiasm and way of working is very smart. And, of course, why wouldn't I be excited about working with a super star like Salman?"