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Nawaz gets emotional!

Nawazuddin Siddiqui


Mumbai, Aug. 12 -- He is known for portraying strong characters on the big screen. But last week, Nawazuddin Siddiqui had a rather 'weak' moment, when he couldn't control his tears after meeting a Nagpur-based man.

For the past few days, Nawazuddin has been meeting several real-life heroes as part of the promotional tour for his next.

During one of these trips, he met Shantanu Kumar, who has written a book, titled If You Were Mine, in memory of his deceased lover. "Shantanu lost his girlfriend in an accident, and this tragic incident inspired him to write the book. They shared a beautiful bond. One day, while she was on her way to meet him, she met with an accident while crossing the railway track, and lost her life.

That is when Shantanu swore never to marry," says an insider. On hearing his tragic story, Nawaz was moved to tears, and gave some "positive motivation" to the Nagpur resident. "Instead of losing heart over the accident and getting depressed, he turned his negative emotions into his strength. It's a wonderfully written book, in which he has penned all his emotions in a heartfelt manner. It's great that he derived strength from his love to write about it," says Nawazuddin.