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Why Naseeruddin prefers new directors over experienced ones

Naseeruddin Shah

Naseeruddin Shah has revealed that he prefers working with inexperienced, but passionate directors than the ones who have lost the spark for filmmaking.

The veteran actor said at the NAPA Theatre Festival 2014 that the films that he is proud of, most of them are by first-time directors and he has often regretted working with cinema masters, but never debutante directors, the Express Tribune reported.

The ?Ishqiya? star explained that there is passion, and a fire, which burns in most aspiring actors and directors, despite the odds and the low budgets they have to work with.

Shah asserted that he loves seeing the sparkle of a dream in the eye of a young novice because it reminds him that he was once a first-timer, adding that one should never forget where he or she started from.