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Naseeruddin Shah's Masoom to be made in Bengali

Naseeruddin Shah

Even though Naseeruddin Shah has expressed strongly that Masoom (1983) won’t work in today’s times, Bengali film-maker Parthasarathi Joardar plans to remake the film.

Reinventing the classic that starred Naseeruddin, Jugal Hansraj and Shabana Azmi, film-maker Parthasarathi will bring the story to Bengali audiences.

"Unlike the heavy-duty star cast of the Hindi flick, Masoom in Bengali sees two debutants and there is the unmistakable love angle here too," says Parthasarathi.

"I have sought to portray how live-in partnerships and sex can destroy two persons, their dreams and wishes but there is no scope to turn preachy in a feature," he adds.

Masoom in Bengali takes a hard look at the story, the Anya Na (2013) maker says.