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Nargis Fakhri's Pakistani ad sparks controversies!

Nargis Fakhri

By Tulsi, News Network

Nargis is the new face of a social media controversy, this time in Pakistan… For those of you who don’t know, she is the brand ambassador for mobile brand Mobilink. The brand recently launched an ad with Nargis on the front page of an Urdu daily called Jang, and that’s where it all started…

Lying sensuously in a red dress and holding a phone (a perfectly normal visual with nothing “cheap” or “shameful” about it), poor Nargis became the target of nasty comments on social media.

Here are some of the comments that people in Pakistan have shared on social media:

@AnsarAAbbasi: My strong protest to top jang group management for this absurd front page ad in today's jang.

@amnaateef: Nargis Fakhri to besharam thi hi, Mobilink aur Jang wale bhi besharam :(

@Mujahidarani: Nargis fakhri , MObilink , Jang and express MUST BE QUESTIONED over recent JAZZ X smart phone Advertisement

@sanabucha: This is shameful. For those using a (photo shopped) woman as a tool to sell phones. And the seths 4 printing it.

@roghay: The Nargis Fakhri episode is a clear example of the marketing vs editorial #Jang which will never end in #journalism, revenue Vs ethics

Nargis sensed the hate directed towards her and quickly released a statement:

“I've been with Mobilink as their brand ambassador for the last 3 years and there has never been an issue like this. I was unaware that they would consider using this visual for a mainstream newspaper ad - an Urdu daily as it was never meant to be. As a model or celebrity, I have always believed in using my persona to help further a brand's communication but never to have it used where I end up being objectified for my looks. Culturally too, my team and I are aware and respectful of what visuals work for what mediums, markets and audiences and hence given the brand's firm penetration in the Pakistan market, we left it up to their expertise to use the images appropriately."

We really hope that this doesn’t get blown out of proportion…