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Nargis and her Bollywood dream..

Nargis Fakhri


New Delhi, Nov. 3 -- For Nargis Fakhri, sharing screen space with Salman Khan in a song in his last film was a "dream" come true. And even though she says she would love to do a proper role with the star in the future, her "ultimate dream" is to work with superstar Shah Rukh Khan.

"May be one day it will happen. Dreams can come true, let's see. " says Nargis, who only wants to work with "good people". "I am a very sensitive person, and I can really feel the energy of those around me. So, I hope I get to work with kind souls," she adds.

One of the other actors Nargis would love to work with is Hrithik Roshan. "He's a lovely person and a great actor," says Nargis. The 35-year-old, who spends a lot of time alone, says she stays busy with hobbies such as writing and designing clothes. "I don't have friends over here. So, when I'm not taking my usual classes, I'm always learning new things or reading something," she says.