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Victor for NaMo!

Narendra Modi


Mumbai, May 20 – A film inspired by the life of BJP leader Narendra Modi will now officially see actor Victor Banerjee essay the role of the politician. Initially, reports had suggested that Paresh Rawal had been confirmed for the part - the actor even contested for the BJP from Gujarat - but director Rupesh Paul claims otherwise.    

"Paresh is definitely one of the best actors in India. The producers did announce his name for the film. But Victor has been on my mind ever since I was writing the story," says Rupesh. Previously, it was reported that Paresh, who apparently knows Modi on a personal level, was best suited for the part. However, now it turns out that the actor had never signed on the dotted line.    

Meanwhile, Rupesh feels that having Victor on board is a huge advantage for the film. "For me, Victor is my NaMo. He is the only Indian actor who has worked with masters like Roman Polanski, David Lean and Jerry London. He was even nominated for the BAFTA Awards. His international profile will help me penetrate the foreign market. Above all, he is a brilliant actor," adds the director.