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NaMo biopic in 4D

Narendra Modi

Mumbai, Jan. 23 -- After it was confirmed that a biopic on Gujarat's Chief Minister Narendra Modi was underway, some reports said that actor Paresh Rawal was keen on playing the politician in the film.

The report also claimed that he was interested in co-producing this movie. However, the biopic's producer, Mitesh Patel, denies this news. "Paresh is 99 per cent confirmed to play the lead. As for producing the film, after initial talks, I didn't hear from him at all. So nothing has been finalised on that front. If things head in that direction, we'll take a call while we are shooting," says Mitesh.

The film is expected to go on the floors on February 15. Director Rupesh Paul has been brought on board for the biopic. Mitesh adds, "Paresh is keen on playing the role, but we need to sort out the dates. We will stick to the schedule as we don't want to delay things. By next week, we will have a clear picture of the rest of the cast too."

Incidentally, Mitesh has some ambitious plans for this movie, as he wants to release it in 4D in certain theatres. "The 4D technology will simulate rain, wind, lightning in the theatre. The audience will be able to experience smell, smoke, air bubbles and more," says Mitesh, who will be working with a Korean company to make this happen. He also plans to equip the theatres with the needed technology. "We'll spend about '18 lakh per theatre to make sure the Indian audience enjoys the film like the international audience. Modi is popular abroad too and distributors are interested," says Mitesh. Rawal remained unavailable for comment.